"my latest VO demo for WRND-Rewind 94.3. Special thanks to the awesome creative writing of Program Director Mike Sanders and killer production from Benztown."

AC Demo

Character Demo

Commercial Demo

Country Demo

Commercial Production Demo

Radio Imaging Demo

Art by chuck Perkins
Mix 106.3 TV spot
Orange TV Network Website Promo
Quick Listen DemoA diverse reel of Tina's performances
Commercial Demo 2
KUQL 2022 Demo
"Props to Chris Johnson at Kool 98-3 for your fantastic copywriting and the amazing production team of Thomas Green—Director of Custom Imaging, Benztown—for always making me sound so good."
KDXY HOT 107-5 2023 Demo
"Props to Rob WestKDXY operations manager & Program Director—for the amazing writing and Benztown for the killer production."

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